Tomb Raider Films Getting Reboot

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Warner Brothers producer Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes) wants to do a "reboot" of the Tomb Raider film franchise, even though the last big screen Lara Croft outing was only about six years ago.


That, and the games aren't exactly tearing up the sales chart.

So what gives? While the previous Tomb Raider flicks were made by Paramount, the film rights reverted back to publisher Eidos. Last December Time Warner increased its stake in Eidos to 19.92 percent. Included in that were Tomb Raider motion picture rights.

The project is still early in development, and Angelina Jolie does not appear to be involved. A new Lara Croft actress, director and writer are still not attached. The reboot is expected to revamp the character, the film franchise and the high kicks.

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Where's my Super Mario Bros. reboot, huh?