Next Week's Rock Band DLC: Still Dangerous

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Harmonix and MTV will bring seven new tracks to Rock Band and Rock Band 2 rockers next week, including a triple-shot of classic, leather pants-wearing Irish rock from Thin Lizzy.


The Thin Lizzy three pack features a trio of live tracks from the band's Still Dangerous: Live At The Tower Theater Philadelphia 1977 album. That's obviously better than the two-for-Tuesday my local classic rock station can offer.

Joining Thin Lizzy are individual tracks from Pat Benatar and The Pretenders, plus a pair from Nikko, the pre-packaged pop group from the movie Spectacular!.

Thin Lizzy 3 Pack (440 MS Points / $5.49)

  • "Boys are Back in Town (live)" (160 MS Points / $1.99)
  • "Cowboy Song (live)" (160 MS Points / $1.99)
  • "Jailbreak (live)" (160 MS Points / $1.99)

Individual Tracks

  • Pat Benatar "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" (160 MS Points / $1.99)
  • The Pretenders "Precious" (160 MS Points / $1.99)
  • Nikko "Don't Tell Me" (80 MS Points / $0.99)
  • Nikko "Break My Heart" (80 MS Points / $0.99)



I dont understand why they release DLC like this.

here's my idea for the next RB game.

you create the setlist, it's download only. there will be no specific motion cap. or anything like that. only the notes on the fret board.

you log on to [] and fill out a, maybe 50 song list. complete with artist and track name.

you give Harmonix say a month or two and they give you a specific XBL marketplace code to download from. OR you pay 10$ extra and they send a physical copy to your door.

you're going to say "not possible Harmonix would have to create a million tracks" well no they wouldnt. you've got to think there would be TONS of duplicates among fans.

Also as i mentioned before, no motion cap or anything like that specific to the song, only the song itself.

And to protect itself from real obscure songs. Harmonix will have a massive database with all songs possible for them to create.

If Harmonix is smart they'll do this. Yes it will take a huge time and effort investment, but if they really possess the passion for games we all expect, they'll do it.

and this system is essentially printing money. especially now that the song and actions on screen wont be synchronized Harmonix can make the songs much much much faster or even invent some code that automatically creates a track from any given song.