Time Crisis Strikes iPhone

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Namco Networks turns your finger into a deadly weapon with the release of Time Crisis Strike, a new entry in the light gun shooter franchise built specifically for the Apple iPhone.


Classic light gun shooter Time Crisis is resurrected on the iPhone and iPod Touch in Time Crisis Strike. Players tap the screen in order to shoot at the bag guys, tilting to dodge and reload as they make their way through multiple levels en route the ultimate showdown with the evil Wild Dog. Playing through the Arcade Mode unlocks new tests of player skill in the form of Crisis Missions.

“Time Crisis Strike combines addictive action, stunning graphics, and an intense soundtrack,” said Scott Rubin, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Namco Networks. “For fans of frantic shooting-action, this is a must have in your games collection.”

Seems to me that touching enemies to make them die shaves off a large chunk of the game's difficulty, but I suppose it's better than making you prop your iPhone up 10 feet away and selling a tiny light gun peripheral. Time Crisis Strike is now available on the App Store for a mere $5.99.


Komrade Kayce

"Seems to me that touching enemies to make them die shaves off a large chunk of the game's difficulty"

Seems to me there IS no game difficulty. The only reasons you could possibly have for not being able to get through the game with a perfect score are

a) you have no fingers... why do you have an iphone

b) you have sausage fingers and the difficulty in the game comes from the fact you cant see anything going on. OH NOES TERRORISTS MY FINGERS ARE TOO FAT TO LET ME KEEL YOU!