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XIII The TV Movie Airing Now

Illustration for article titled XIII The TV Movie Airing Now

Well it is if you live in the Kotaku time zone at least.

XIII: The Conspiracy, the two-part TV mini-series based on the comic later turned into a video game, was first aired in France last October. But this is its first airing in the U.S.


The two-parter stars Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorff.

My money is on this sucking, but that's half the reason I watch these. Are you going to?

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"Do you know what you'd find if you looked up the word 'idiot' in a dictionary"

"Gee, I don't know, a picture of me?"

"No the definition of the word 'idiot', which you fucking are!"

Yea, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang would have taken Kilmer back to the top and given Robert Downey Jr. an even earlier career resurrection if people bothered to see it when it came out.