Phil Harrison: Why Was God Of War II On PS2, And Not PS3?

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With the PS2 now in its last days, we can safely look back and say that, yes, God of War II was the machine's swansong. But it could have been oh so different!

In an interview with 1UP, God of War II man Cory Barlog reveals that, upon first showing the game off to Sony bigwigs Shuhei Yoshida and Phil Harrison, it was met with a mixed reaction. Sure, it looked great, but the first thing Harrison - now with Atari - said was:

Very good, thank you. I just have to ask this, since it seems like the obvious question. Why are we not doing this on PS3?


Because the PS2 needed one last great game, silly!

Looking Back at God of War 2 [1UP]

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I'm quite sure the developers said it best in this summed up, non accurate quote.

"God of war 2 is a really awesome game, but it's no console seller, especially when said console started out at 600.00? so we wanted to make a profit so we could have a god of war 3.. and we decided the ps2 was going to get us there"