Padres Reliever Credits Wii Fit For Weight Loss

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Who says Wii Fit is a Fad? San Diego Padres reliever Heath Bell might want to have a word with you.

Bell, in line to replace legendary closer Trevor Hoffman, says that Nintendo's balance-board-sporting health game helped him lose 25 pounds.


When the 6-foot-6, 270 pound Bell stepped on the Balance Board the first time, the game told him he was obese. Something that apparently shocked Bell into losing some weight.

"It said I was obese," Bell said. "If you're obese, it makes (your character on screen) obese. I was disappointed that I was that big. I literally took the game to heart. I did the work but I kind of credit the Wii Fit."

Padres reliever Heath Bell credits Wii Fit for helping him lose weight [The Canadian Press, thanks for all of the tips]

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Andrew Freedman

For 6'6", I'm not sure 270 is terrible. Good for him for losing the weight, though

(Granted, doesn't Wii Fit work with BMI and not weight?). Either way, maybe this is what we need. To be "shocked" into losing some weight.