Sony Presents NBA Players With Custom PS3s

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Sony helped outfit the NBA Player's Lounge during the recent NBA All-Star weekend. As part of the whole affair, a bunch of NBA players were given custom, laser-etched PlayStation 3 consoles.


Seems the economic crisis has hit Sony's marketing budget, as these are nowhere near as impressive as those seen at earlier sporting tie-ins, like the 2007 Super Bowl. Still. Just because they're less impressive doesn't mean they're not impressive.

No idea just how many of these were ultimately handed out, but Sony have pictures of a few of them, the nicest probably being LeBron James' golden lion machine (pictured, above).

Sony PlayStation at NBA All-Star Weekend [PlayStation]


Why do companies do this? Cheap (relatively) publicity, and the ability to vaguely link their products to celebs who might otherwise have nothing to do with them. Last year's Oscar grab bag was valued at anywhere from $10-15k, and that's not even counting the "swag shacks" that seem to appear from thin air to give free shit away wherever celebrities congregate.

Once you get the famous person to take your stuff, you send out ambiguously-worded press releases and announcements crowing about how Paris Hilton loves your stuff, or in this case "SONY gives LEBRON JAMES a customized PS3."

Not as sweet as a genuine commercial endorsement, but sending a few of these out at cost plus etching was a relatively inexpensive way for Sony to attempt to establish their product with the NBA-fan demographic.