Rose McGowan Joins Terminator Salvation Game

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Just because Actress Rose McGowan (Planet Terror) is not in the Terminator Salvation movie, that doesn't mean she can't be in the Terminator Salvation game.


Playing a character exclusive to the game, McGowan is former elementary school teacher Angie Salter who must adjust to the horrors of the war against fictional computer system Skynet. The film version of Terminator Salvation, the fourth in the franchise, stars Batman Begins actor Christian Bale as John Connor. It's set in 2018 and shows the war against mankind and Skynet.

It is unconfirmed whether Bale is lending his voice to the game, which is out May 21.


Terminator Salvation Voice Talent Announced [IncGamers] [Pic]

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You know something? For all your negative comments about this lady, none of you would stand a chance in hell of getting within 10' of her without security standing in the way.

The woman is beautiful, naturally pale skin and all. She's also a talented actress, which is a plus.

I know, I know, the intrawebz r serius biznezz and all that stuff. Whatever. I guess there is no reason to be respectful towards someone that you don't know and with whom you will never interact.

I sincerely hope that the people who are featured on this site never actually read the comments, given how many awful things we the commenters say about them.