PlayStation Boss Heading New Sony Division

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Major changes are going down at Sony. President Ryoji Chubachi is stepping down, and Sony CEO Howard Stringer will take over Chubachi's role as president. The company's PlayStation boss has a new role, too.


Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai will head a new business group that brings together Sony's mobile electronics and personal computers. It is unconfirmed how this will affect his PlayStation duties. We are following up with Sony for clarification.

"This reorganization is designed to transform Sony into a more innovative, integrated and agile global company," said Stringer. These changes and reorganization "will now make it possible for all of Sony's parts to work together."

Sony has been criticized, often by Stringer himself, of its multiple divisions operating in "silos," with a lack of communication between its product development teams. The move reflects an increase in power and further reach across multiple areas of the business for both Stringer and Hirai.

Update: According to Sony, Hirai will continue his role in the PlayStation business.

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yay. PS store stuff might come out at the same time everywhere now (opposed to half a year later)