Shut Up, Capcom Are putting PS1 Games On The PSN

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Probably the biggest problem with the PlayStation Store (at least in the West) is that, inexplicably, there are so few PlayStation 1 games available. It's something people complain about often. And something Capcom are fixing.


Popping into Capcom's boards, PR man and professional beach lounger Christian Svensson told users that Capcom actually submitted a bunch of PS1 games for eventual sale on the PSN last week. He also says "this may take a bit more time than anticipated", though, so don't expect them anytime soon.

What ever could they be? Resident Evil 1 seems the most logical choice, but you can always hope, like we are, for Marvel vs Capcom.

[Capcom Unity]


"A bunch" of PS1 games? Good, Capcom...GOOD.

Let's see, the PS1 Capcom games I want to see...

Rival Schools: United By Fate

Breath of Fire III

Breath of Fire IV

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Marvel vs. Capcom

Strider 2

Mega Man Legends (all of them)

Pocket Fighter

Darkstalkers (and Darkstalkers 3)

Resident Evil (all three) I missing anything?