Whoops, Dev Releases Alpha Build On Steam By Mistake

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Indie first-person shooter Merchants of Brooklyn was released over Steam earlier in the week. Which should have been good news, except, developers Paleo Entertainment released the wrong version of the game.

Yup. Instead of releasing the finished, final product, somebody at Paleo clicked on "alpha build" by mistake before hitting "upload". Naturally, everyone buying the game received a product that, uh, didn't quite meet their expectations.


If that sounds terrible, it's OK, the problem has now been fixed, with the correct version up and ready for purchase. If you were unlucky enough to buy the limited edition Merchants of Brooklyn: The Busted Alpha Build, just log out of Steam then jump back in and your copy will be updated.

M.O.B. Release issues [Paleo]

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The real question is how this will affect the Metacritic score!