Xbox Live Issues: It's Not Just You

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Xbox Live is currently having a downtime worst case scenario. It, horrifically, is having issues related to billing, meaning Xbox Live Marketplace purchases are wonky and signing in to Live accounts is shaky. The horror...

Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has official status on the well-being of Live, writing on his blog that "Xbox LIVE members may experience issues related to billing." That means you're not the only one with difficulties with account recovery, account management, Xbox Live Marketplace functions and making purchases.

This doesn't affect matchmaking, friends lists and Live messaging; just the nightmare of not being able to turn cash into precious Microsoft Points. We wish the billing functions a full and speedy recovery.


Update: Mr. Nelson says... "FIXED!"

Xbox LIVE Billing Issues [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]

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At what point does Microsoft stop getting a free pass? Everyone shits on Sony and Nintendo whenever they make a mistake or act too arrogant or forget about the hardcore gamer yada yada. Everyone just bats their eyelashes and says 'Oh Microsoft' whenever this shit happens. If this were any other company for any other product people would swear on their lives that no one from their family would buy a product of theirs again. I'm starting to feel like I'm in that old school mac commercial. Competition really drives services and technology... It seems to me that the big three are just cutting themselves down at the knees, the least shortest is teh winner!