Lost & Damned "Outsells Killzone 2", Gives Us Sales Ballpark

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Sadly, because it's a digital download, we don't know exactly how many copies of Lost & Damned Microsoft and Rockstar managed to sell. We do know, however, it's more than 323,000.

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg let slip the information in an interview with GameDaily - in which he calls the Grand Theft Auto IV expansion "the most successful game addon content we've ever launched" - saying "If that content was sold at retail, it would be one of the best sellers across all platforms. It would have outsold Killzone 2".


Interesting. Not for the "outsold" argument (which is hardly fair, since L&D was out for half of February while Killzone 2 was only out for a few days), but for the Lost & Damned sales ballpark. Nice to get one for a downloadable game, even if it still leaves us wondering...

Microsoft's Greenberg: 'PS3 Business' Is 'Hemorrhaging At Retail' [Gamasutra]

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Yeah, it was highly anticipated, but id like to see the profit M$ made after spending $50 mil on both contents. In the long run it may not have been worth it.

If it was in shops, it would have cost more because of the production costs added on like casing and burning onto physical media. Thus lowering the chance people may want to buy it. Comparing add-on content to in-store media is just plain petty. Seems to me microsoft want to say 'I win, I win' in all circumstances, even the meagre, paltry and insubstantial ones.

It's childish really.