Finally, Universal Remotes Work On A PS3

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As Sony no doubt intended, my PS3 is the heart of my living room. I watch DVDs on it, Blu-Rays on it, stream movies from my PC on it. But I do so under duress.

Why? Not because of the machine itself. It's a magnificent media player. But because, thanks to the machines exclusive use of bluetooth, it has never worked with universal remotes. Yes, I am that lazy that this is a pressing issue.

But rejoice! For Logitech are releasing an adapter that will allow any of the company's Harmony line of universal remotes to work with the PlayStation 3. Best part (especially for those with newer-model units)? It won't take up one of your precious USB ports.


No details on price or availability yet, but they are coming.

Logitech Adapter Lets You Use Any Harmony Remote with PS3 [Gizmodo]

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I love logitech stuff!