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Square Enix Eidos Takeover Is Go

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Tomb Raider publisher Eidos will officially become part of Square Enix in May, as shareholders cast an overwhelming majority of votes in favor of the propsed takeover.


Eidos held their shareholders meeting yesterday, during which a vote was held to determine if the Square Enix takeover bid would be approved, with 85% percent of the company's stock represented in the voted. After an overwhelming majority voted in favor of the takeover, an Emergency General Meeting was held, during which the motion to accept the acquisition was approved.


So what happens now? According to the plan laid out by Eidos management, Eidos stock is delisted on April 21st, and by May 6th, everything Eidos belongs to Square Enix. That's when we start calling them Squidix.

Square takeover of Eidos given green light []

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Here's hoping Square isn't planning on using Eidos for the development of Square's action games. Not that Square ever did a fantastic job making their own games outside of RPGs, but I would say they could probably do better then Eidos, easily.