Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ups the Destruction

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A first-look at Battlefield Bad Company 2's gameplay reveals a lot more destruction, an icy setting and plenty of gun play.


Last week, DICE gave a slew of reporters an early look at the gameplay for their upcoming destructive shooter Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Senior producer Patrick Bach warned that the gameplay we saw that night was from "quite an early build." The game was developed using the Frostbite engine and features more destruction. in fact destruction 2.0, than the original title, he said.

They only showed single player that night, but they plan to show multiplayer at E3.

We watched as a developer played through a chunk of the game. The level opened on an undisclosed snowy setting in Alaska, with men running across a frozen lake toward a small village that has been occupied by Russian troops.

The player ran through the town, stopping behind cover to take out enemy units until bullets chipped away at his protection and he was forced to move.

At one point, the player ran into a house, firing off shots from a window. An enemy with a rocket launcher fired at the developer, missing him but blowing down the wall of the house he was in.


As the player moved through the town, some enemy tanks rolled onto the scene and he called in air support.

As the bombs exploded, the screen filled with smoke. As it dissipated, you could see the remains of the flattened tanks. Nearby buildings, hit not with the bombs, but still blasted by the concussion, crumble into the road leaving a scene of detailed devastation.


After fighting through the town, the developer jumped into the back of a truck to chase down retreating units. The game shifts from shooter to rail shooter as he starting picking off ATVs chasing the truck along the snow-packed road. Occasionally, an attack helicopter zips in and out of sight, firing on the truck.

Bach said the game will feature new weapons and new gadgets, but will still work on the basic rock, paper, scissor premise in battle.



Battlefield Bad Company was a disappointment online to me and many other people I played with. They took away the essence of the older titles that made them so fun. And while the graphics were fine, the gameplay, especially the heath mechanics were broken.

Not being able to kill an enemy with a direct hit from a tank shell, rocket launcher or grenade...from a few feet away? FAIL.

I hope BBC 2 is different.