Is tri-Ace Announcing A New, Multi-Plaform RPG?

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Japanese developer tri-Ace (Star Ocean, Infinite Undiscovery) has launched a website with a countdown clock for a "new RPG project". The only catch?


Tri-Ace launched it today on April 1 in Japan — you know, the day when the internet turns to crapola. The countdown website features logos for the PS3 and Xbox 360 — typically, Japanese gag sites for April Fools day do not feature real product names. Check out the PrayStation 4table for reference.

Previously, Tri-Ace has developed titles for a myriad of platforms including the Super Famicom, the Game Boy, the PlayStation, the PlayStation 2, the Nintendo DS and most recently the Xbox 360 with role-playing-game Star Ocean 4.

Giving validity to the chances of this not being an April Fools Day joke, the reveal for the new RPG is next Friday when the countdown clock ends. Japanese magazine Famitsu goes on sale on Friday, so often new titles are announced them.

Granted, we're not ruling anything out. This is April Fools day, the day that the internet turns largely into crap. Though, creating a phony countdown clock only to announced a fake multi-platform tri-Ace game? If that's a prank, it's not funny.

If it's a game, then hey, we're all ears.




I hope for a good JRPG this gen, because so far, it ain't happened.

And no, Lost Odyssey was not good before you start.