The Cruelest April Fool's Joke In Japan

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This is going to be hard to top. Japanese website Akiba Blog has run a post saying that Dragon Quest IX went on sale last night.


According to Akiba Blog, over two-thousand people lined up at midnight today for DQIX. Midnight. Today. Today is April 1, and Dragon Quest IX is slated for release this July. This is according to the website. Note: people did not actually line up for it last night! The website merely has faked the launch.

Still, very cruel for those who woke up today and checked Akiba Blog website and thought they'd missed the game's launch — especially considering the number of times Dragon Quest IX has been delayed and how many Japanese gamers are impatiently waiting for it.

Still, don't be surprised if frazzled individuals are running around Akihabara, frantically looking for DQIX after reading this Akiba Blog post. If you happen to see any, be sure to let them know the game is sold out and new shipments are expected shortly.

This is just one of many April Fools jokes circulating on the Japanese internet. Website Canned Dogs has a great round-up of today's pranks. Stand outs include a Queen's Blade live action flick, SNK announcing Star Radish and a retro version iDOLM@STER.

Wii Height is pretty great, too.

ドラゴンクエスト9本日発売!秋葉原で2000人以上の行列が [Akiba Blog]


The cruelest April Fools joke is making it look like you cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend with their best friend and then saying April fools. Only you pulled the prank in the first place to alleviate any concerns that you actually were cheating (which you were.)

Then there's your girlfriend saying she's pregnant. Or she's not but she really is.

This, this was pretty good too.