Japanese Game Industry Sales Dropped Last Year

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Comparing 2007 to 2008, the Japanese game market is shrinking. Enterbrain, publisher of game magazine Famitsu, has released the hard data for last year's domestic sales.


The total market place (hardware and software sales) was worth ¥552.42 billion in 2008, compared to ¥676.95 billion the year before. Hardware sales were ¥231.52 billion in 2008 and ¥317.47 billion the year before. Likewise, software sales were down: ¥320.91 billion in 2008 and ¥359.58 billion.

For individual hardware sales, the Nintendo DS was the top selling, moving 3,983,205 units in 2008. Following close behind was the PSP with 3,230,563 units. The Wii sold 2,257,575 units, and the PS3 sold 999,903 units, just missing the million sold mark. The Xbox 360 sold 398,633 units, which was nearly double what it sold in 2007.

New domestic life-to-date sales for the consoles were:

Nintendo DS: 26,152,966 units
PSP: 11,804,589 units
Wii: 7,953,154 units
PLAYSTATION 3: 3,009,395 units
Xbox 360: 1,001,191 units

Software-wise, the biggest seller was Pokémon Platinum, which sold 2,372,336 units in 2008. Mario Kart Wii sold 2,203,430 units in Japan last year, and DS title Rhythm Heaven Gold sold 1,651,424 units. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd sold 1,629,867 units and posted a life-to-date total of 2,453,132 units. Wii Fit sold 1,506,713 units and recorded life-to-date sales of 3,268,906 units.

The Enterbrain 2008 data started in March 31, 2008 and finished March 29, 2009.

2008年度のゲーム市場規模は約5524億2000万円、ハード&ソフトともに前年比減 [Famitsu] [Pic]



The 360 really only "took off" there in 2008. I remember in 2007(excluding Ac6's launch) it was only moving 1-1.5k a week! At least now it's doing slightly better. For the Xbox brand this is pretty damn good in Japan considering that the Xbox only sold 470k in its lifetime there. If nothing else at least the PS3 has some competition.