When Game Sales Do Matter...

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Yesterday, Brütal Legend and Psychonauts creator Tim Schafer told us not to worry our pretty little heads about game sales. Today, he clarifies:

I think games sales matter a lot. I just think that the people who should worry about sales are the people who have vested financial interest in a game. If your money or livelihood is dependent on a game, then you should concern yourself with its sales. But if it isn't, then you should try to relax and just enjoy playing them.

...And that's why, unless it's your money on the line, game sales don't need to keep you up at night. The market and game executives do not dictate what games get made—They just dictate what gets made easily. They affect what can be made without a fight. As long as there are creative people out there willing to fight for ideas they care about, then there is nothing that the market or anyone else can do to stop them.


Truth. Though, if people didn't worry about game software sales numbers, whatever would people argue about? Probably the gameplay!

Read Schafer's full blog post on this — which also includes his pulled pork recipe. Mmmm pork.

Actually, I think it might have been a Furby, not a Kitten [Double Fine via Go Nintendo]


Paradox me

These words shall crash against their minds like water on rock.

Their big heads will block out the sun as blind and illogical devotion floats around in the vast emptiness that could have once housed a brain cell.

Tis a shame fanboys won't even read everything he has to say before their minds begin to wander, eventually leading to an awkward boner for their beloved chunks of plastic and metal.