Nintendo: DSi Sales Numbers High, No DS/Wii Price Cut

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In a presentation in Tokyo today, Nintendo discussed not only Wii Sports Resort, but Wii price cuts and Western DSi sales numbers as well.

Given by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and senior director Shigeru Miyamoto at the Foreign Correspondent's Club of Japan, the presentation covered more than the Wii Sports Resort release dates and reaffirming stuff we've heard before.


For the umpteenth time, Nintendo announced that there will be no price cuts for the Wii or the DS — even if Wii sales are sliding in Japan. While Wii sales are down domestically, the DSi launch has been successful overseas, with 300,000 units selling in both the US and Europe during its first two days on sale. Nintendo also said to expect more DSi services to "enrich" the users lives, such as museum maps, tour guides, a shopping mall coupon recorder as well as increased interactivity in school classrooms.

Finally, despite strong DSi sales and the impending threats from Apple's iPhone, Nintendo reiterated that it has no plans to move into the cell phone market.

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i wonder how many potential sales there are that Nintendo is losing from the price of the Wii being too high.

I doubt it is a very high one seems to be bitching about the wii's price or claiming "I'd buy one if it was $200" so this seems a safe decision on Big N's part.

Still, I wonder if they'll start playing sku games with packages and such before the end of the year.