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EA: Wii MotionPlus So Accurate It Can Be *Too* Accurate
Comment by: Erode
Nominated by: SuperD

Hey now! You can exercise by playing tennis on the Wii.

You....well...you swing your arms a bit; that'll get your heart racing...eventually. And, you know, sometimes you have to lean sideways. That...does something, I'm sure.


A Simulation Of Resident Evil 5 Vs. Multiplayer Mode
Comment by: UltimatePancakeSensation
Nominated by: FireSketch

Never, EVER, teabag a zombie. They might not be dead!

Harmonix Designer Unwittingly Confirms LEGO Rock Band
Comment by: somerandomgothperson
Nominated by: Pyrthas

Just another brick in the wallllllll

Tecmo: Nintendo Holding Back Fatal Frame
Comment by: Nobuyuki
Nominated by: Sutekh_Slain

What do you want? The Wii has reached it's quality third party game quota for the year with Madworld.


Bandai Namco PSP Game Makes Suggestive Use Of Milk [NSFW]
Comment by: Jolan
Nominated by: MurlocCake


Sony Gets Chippy on Eve of DSi Release
Comment by: ceilingFANBOY
Nominated by: AntonF***kingEgo


What does any of this have to do with the press release? The press release didn't say that the PSP should be selling more units than the DS or that the PSP has better games. The release said that the DSi does nothing to change the connotation of the DS as a children's system. Even then, it doesn't necessarily say that the connotation that the DS is a children's system is correct, but points out that the PSP is known for having something for a broad range of demographics.

If anything, the spec changes in the DSi make it even more of a children's system. Who do you think the real target audience for dual VGA cameras that allow you to doodle all over your face is? If the cameras were designed to bring in a more mature audience, they would have had a better resolution and would not use the ability to doodle on faces as a big draw.

Even beyond that, what does the DS outselling the PSP have to do with the PSP being a piece of shit? More than one system can be good, but only one can sell the most systems. Are you going to say that both the PS3 and the XBox 360 are shit systems just because they are outsold by the Wii? By that same logic, you would also have to say that every Nintendo system that came after the PSX until the Wii must have been shit because Sony outsold them and that every system is shit when compared to the PS2.

If you are going to say FUCK YOU to Sony for saying such things about Nintendo, then you are going to have to say FUCK YOU to Nintendo, Sega, and Microsoft. Every manufacturer shit talks the other manufacturers. It's what they do. For them to not do so would be stupid. If one manufacturer admits that the other manufacturer has done something good, it would be corporate suicide.

Perhaps some of you are taking this press release personally. Is that why you are so pissed off about it? Do you think that because Sony said that the DS has a connotation of being a children's handheld they are saying that only children or immature people would purchase one? That is not what they are saying. They are merely saying that Nintendo focuses primarily on a young demographic and not the hardcore demographic, such as everyone here has been saying about the Wii for the past year or so and that this change to the DSi only further solidifies the argument that Nintendo is spending more development money on making their hardware appeal to a younger demographic. The ironic thing is that a lot of people get defensive for Nintendo because it has that nostalgia... from when they were kids.


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Eder Campuzano

I'd like to nominate the last comment for Post of the Year. Can I?

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