Like Band Aid, Only With Gaming Executives

Here are console executives from the British arms of Nintendo, Sega, Ubisoft, Atari, EA and Bethesda (among others) performing in a video that was probably never meant for public consumption.

[via MCV]


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The fuck is wrong with you people?

Someone says they're getting paid (UNLIKE REAL ROCKSTARS YES), and it makes them "feel" "sad", though has no actual evidence for such a claim, while the rest of you simpletons feel as if EVERY SINGLE FUCKING THING ON THE INTERNET owes you a favour.

Well I'll say this:

It's nice to see the games industry have some fun, and get out of its shell a bit more. It's nice to see a video about the games industry and only see people.

I even liked the RockBand/Guitar Hero rivalry set-up - PR hardly ever dares reflect the view from the public.

And I also like how different groups of people from different publishers can come together and not join in this stupid fucking console war that you esteemed commenters so often like to agitate.

I also found it funny.