The Games and News of Capcom's Captivate 09

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Last week's Captivate 09 event was packed with Capcom news, from new games to detailed presentations to hands-on with titles, expect a couple of days worth of posts.

Developers walked us through what to expect in Dead Rising 2, Dark Void, the overhauled Spyborgs, Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles and Lost Planet 2. We also got another look at Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Bionic Commando.

In the hands-on room we were given a chance to play a bit of Dark Void, PSP fighter Fate Unlimited Code, Marvel VS Capcom 2, Spyborgs, Bionic Commando multiplayer, the Wii port of the original Resident Evil and the PC version of Street Fighter IV.


Finally, there were plenty of opportunities to speak with developers, including Inafune, and hear a bit about where Capcom is headed in the future and their philosophy on the blending of Western and Japanese game design.

Stay tuned today and tomorrow for our detailed coverage of the games and the people behind them.

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FIR.... oh wait...

Wow! Street Fighter's PC Version. Can't wait to play that on my keyboard!! I remember not ever being able to do a sonic boom on SF2.