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Red Orchestra Gets Sequel, Redundant Subtitle

Illustration for article titled Red Orchestra Gets Sequel, Redundant Subtitle

We've quietly been fans of Tripwire's Red Orchestra mods/games for years now. But three years on from the release of Ostfront 41-45, the game is showing its age. Time, then, for a sequel!


Ahead of a cover-blowing announcement in this month's PC Gamer - which appears to have caught the devs off-guard - Tripwire have announced Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad, a full-blown sequel to Ostfront that will be built using the Unreal Engine 3.

And...that's all we know! No screens or anything, sorry, but with a name like "Heroes of Stalingrad" you get the idea.



UPDATE - Reader Grogmonkey has a copy of the PC Gamer in question, and says that the game will include a singleplayer campaign set around the Battle of Stalingrad, a 10-player co-op game mode similar to Rainbow Six's "Terrorist Hunt" and squad command features in singleplayer mode.

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Loved the first one from the time I downloaded it as a mod until I bought it over Steam. I love the gameplay for the most part, but really, WWII again? If RO went Vietnam or modern I'd be all over it in a heartbeat, but I got tired of WWII after too much CoD1,2, Medal of Honor, and BF1942.