Monday Means iPhone News, Confirmation of Apple's Gaming Push

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Don't forget that Apple's World Wide Developers Conference kicks off Monday. The press conference is sure to have at least some iPhone gaming news from the company.

Earlier this week we reported on a rumor that Apple was gearing up for a much stronger gaming presence, hiring game in-house game developers, preparing their microtransactions-friendly firmware update, and getting ready to announce a new iPhone with improved 3D graphics for gaming that will hit in July.


At the very least, I'm sure we will be once more catching a glimpse of some upcoming, and increasingly impressive examples of games heading to the iPhone.

Make sure to check out Kotaku Monday and park your browser here for full coverage of all gaming news coming out of the event.

Of course, we also have a wealth of E3 interviews, impressions and news to report on for the week as well.

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guys, i like kotaku and all but writing something in the vein of the iphone now getting a 3d chip makes you sound somewhat uninformed, like when yellow press talks about gaming in between.

The iPhone had a 3d gpu since day 1, it just gets a better,newer one now.

Also anyone in this thread who says things in the vein of "blabla iphone will never be a serious contender in the gaming market, yadayada" should read some recent news.

Nintendo and Sony are trying to copy the iPhone with their newer devices and services, not the other way round.