Gran Turismo For PSP Was Almost "Gran Turismo Spyder"

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Polyphony Digital's "real driving simulator" Gran Turismo is finally coming to the PSP this October, some four years after it was announced as Gran Turismo 4 Mobile. But now it's just simply Gran Turismo. Why is that?


We sat down with Polyphony president Kazunori Yamauchi at E3 last week to find out more about the PlayStation Portable taking on the Gran Turismo series, who told us that the game is unassumingly titled Gran Turismo for a few reasons.

Yamauchi noted multiple times that the game is partly focused on new Gran Turismo players, the type of gamer who might be more hesitant to dive in to a 10-year-old series that's already four iterations in. He said that Polyphony Digital is hoping new players will be able to experience the thrill of learning how to drive, Gran Turismo style.

The car enthusiast also said that he'd considered naming the game Gran Turismo Portable or Gran Turismo Spyder, but didn't want to give the impression that the PSP entry was anything less than a "fully-specced Gran Turismo."

Shame, really. Gran Turismo Spyder is a pretty cool name. And Sony's already got rights to use spidery fonts.

We'll have more from our one-on-one interview with Kazunori Yamauchi tomorrow.



In depth racing game for a handheld sounds like a teerrible idea. Especially during the Endurance races. Will anyone actually have their PSP on for 24 hours on B-Spec to win a race? Really? Maybe nothing like that will be on the PSP version, but would that really be delivering the "full" GT experience?

And seeing how it's handheld, I have no idea how your hand would feel after a race. Racing games need precision, and I wonder how much of it you can get without a proper stick.

I'm just hoping it's not a case of "unwanted by casual gamers because it's too hardcore but not hardcore enough for the hardcore crowd".