What Games Are We Tweeting About?

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Interested in finding out what titles have gamers Tweeting like crazy? Look no further than Tweet My Gaming, a new website from the creators of GamerDNA.


Tweet My Gaming is a site that provides a constant feed of video game tweets from everyone who tweets them. It tags video game names and then captures any Twitter activity containing those names, with updates appearing on the front page in real time. It's fascinating to watch it in motion, but that's only a small part of the site's functionality.

Tweet My Gaming not only feeds the tweets, it also tracks them and ranks games based on their Twitter popularity, giving us insight not only into the games themselves, but a good idea about what kinds of gamers use Twitter. For instance, The Sims 3 is currently on top of the list, with 54,069 tweets, compared to the next highest, World of Warcraft with 10,000. This leads me to speculate that the more casual player is more apt to talk about gaming on Twitter than the hardcore player, a fact mostly backed up by the next games on the list - The Beatles: Rock Band, Left 4 Dead 2 (the anomaly), and Wii Fit.

You can search for games by name, which gives you the number of tweets since the site launched on June 1st, as well as the number of players on sister site GamerDNA who list the game in their profiles.

In order to have your tweets counted, all you have to do is mention the name of a game. No tags; no special characters; just the game's name. I tweeted about The Sims 3, and within a minute I saw my tweet sliding down the front page of the website. Just be warned that watching the scroll is completely addictive.

The team behind the website actually sat down with me at E3 for a moment to show me the website, and by sitting down with me I mean sitting down in the hallway outside the press room. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to spare, so this is the first time I've actually gotten to sit down and explore the site a bit.

It really is a fascinating use of Twitter, and another fine example of alternative gaming statistics gathering from the folks who brought us GamerDNA. Go look for yourself!




I can't wait until this fad dies.