Why Crysis 2 Is Console Bound

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Crysis is coming to consoles. Check out the trailer right here, folks. The German developer probably must have a pretty good reason to bring the PC series to home consoles. It does.


"It's a question of more than economics," says Crytek CEO and president Cevat Yerli. "At the end of the day we're paying salaries and we all have to live, but that's one side of this job. But most importantly and a bit more tangible to us are the families, the nephews, and sons who ask, 'Why aren't you going to consoles?'"


Wowzers. They've gotta pay salaries, and the children are begging them to release Far Cry on consoles. This makes us slightly depressed.

Yerli does add that Crytek decided not to release a console Crysis unless it could live up to the reputation of the previously released titles Crysis and Far Cry. This makes us slightly happy.

Console Crysis was 'inevitable' [GameSpot via Cheat Already Blog]

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Chances of it looking as good as the first? None.

Chances of it still blowing every other console game out of the water? High.