Weekend Coupons: Success has a Thousand Fathers

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Father's Day is reason enough for a big sale. Even if you're not a dad (even if you haven't enjoyed the essential act of becoming a dad lately) you can take advantage of them too.


Let's get on with the deals:

• Wii Motion Plus released last week, if you're looking to pick it up, Target's offering the controller plus Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 for $60. If you pick up Grand Slam Tennis with it, Target gives you a $20 gift guard. But if you want Guitar Hero Smash Hits (all four consoles) you only get a $5 card. (See the ad here).

• We're always listing them, but people are always buying them, and there's no sense in paying full price if you don't have to. Xbox 360 wireless controllers, that is, white or black. Usually $39, you can save #10 and get free shipping (if you have Amazon Prime, of course). [via TechDealDigger]

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• Walmart's weekly ad shows a $399 PS3 bundle that gives you the 80GB configuration, MLB: The Show, and a Quantum of Solace DVD (not the game). You need to go to Walmart.com and view your local ad. It was in mine, so it's probably in yours, too. [Thanks Joey L.]

• Amazon has kicked off a Father's Day sale on 360 games (Don't worry, Father's Day isn't until next Sunday. Though the ad text says it's for all platforms, the only games I see are for 360. There are some peripherals for PS3, and zilch for Wii.


• As a highlight of that sale: Free shipping and a $17 discount makes this a fine time to buy the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Game of the Year Edition), from Amazon. It's typically $46.99. [via TDD]

• Steam's put a bunch of MMOs on sale, discounting them 50 to 70 percent. The price doesn't need to be discounted so much as the time commitment, IMHO. Find a way to give me Everquest with 50 percent less timesuck, there's a deal.


GameStop isn't up to much, other than really hoping you'll clear some Lego Batman stock for them. They'll give you an extra $10 credit if you trade in 3 games. Me, I'd show up with a used game like Call of Juarez and see if they just gave me Lego Batman straight up. I mean, why not.

As always, smart gamers can find values any day of the week, so if you've run across a deal, share it with us in the comments.


Well, at GameStop they still have some of their RB/GH stuff for sale, with some additional markdowns, and apparently with the postage still free (GHIII and the Kramer Bundle of GH:Aerosmith for the PS2 is 19.99 each).

Not a bad deal (of course, I ordered mine at the time the sale started (Tuesday), and they didn't ship til' Thursday, so I will possibly get it Monday).