Kotaku Originals: Extra Innings

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The past week was like E3 went seven days into overtime, as everyone emptied their reporters' notebooks from their time in L.A.


Do yourself a favor and hit the recap page, because if there's something in a certain game or from a developer you were wondering about, chances are we've got it. Big news included Gabe Newell's reaction to the threatened Left 4 Dead 2 boycott; Reggie Fils-Aime sitting down with Stephen Totilo, and an explanation for everyone wearing prison jumpsuits to play with Project Natal that pinged bullshit radars more than it quieted them.

But whatever, it's there on the record. Catch the recap and strap in, we have another solid weekend on the way.

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I love that picture. Natal only works if you're completely dressed in red. LOL @ lofty goals.