Blizzard Preps For StarCraft II Beta

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Blizzard is starting to gear up for the StarCraft II Beta, the company said recently in an email sent out to game writers.


The email, which asks game writers to make sure they have a Battle.Net account set up and a request in, says that Blizzard has no date yet to announce for the start of the beta. The email ends, however, by saying that all account login info for game writers needs to be sent to Blizzard by June 19.

Sounds like reason enough for me to start getting excited.


Char Aznable

This is probably just me, but I'm actually incredibly bored by Starcraft 2. I expect a bunch of replies stating I'm an idiot, or attempts to reconcile me to the Starcraft II stable, but honestly I'm not trying to incite flames. Starcraft's IP is just so boring to me. I wish they'd put this much work into a new IP.