Bizarre Creations: Racing Games Not Selling As Well As Expected

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Developer Bizarre Creations has made some terrific racing games. Take PGR, for example. Great game. Bizarre knows racing games. It also knows something else. According to Bizarre's Ben Ward:

I'm not going to mention numbers but not really, with the exception of Mario Kart, which has done very well because it's a Mario Kart game. That is the exception rather than the rule. But generally titles, I won't name any names, more recent titles that were really good, critically acclaimed and we all played them, they didn't sell as well as can be expected. I know sales is one thing, but sales are reflective of people who are interested in the concept and interested in what they want to play. So if it's not selling then the developers are doing something wrong and pushing it in the wrong area. We totally rebooted with Blur. All of these things we think are wrong; we're trying to fix them.


The people sure love their Mario Kart. Shame they don't love other racing games as much. Upcoming racer Blur is Bizarre's bet that it can put out a racing title that does well with critics and retail. We shall see.

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I usually try to have at least one racing game per console. The only cart-racing games I have would be Super Mario Kart for the SNES and SMC64 for, uh, the N64. On my other systems, I have the following: Daytona USA and Sega Rally Championship for the Saturn; Sega Rally 2 and Metropolis Street Racer for the DC; Gran Tourismo 3 for the PS2, Sega GT and PGR2 for the XBox; and PGR3 and Test Drive Unlimited for the 360.

Not really into ultra-realistic racing as much as I'm into just driving around (and NO NASCAR, I tried NASCAR 98 for the PSX, and was bored to tears, despite the decent music ^_<). Hell, I can have fun playing Night Driver (and I do have that one on the Paddle controller).