Report: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Prices Slashed In Fall

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Anyone not expecting a price cut on the PlayStation 3 this year? How about the Xbox 360? Well, if Ars Technica's "Mole" is right—and it has been before—both consoles will be cheaper by the fall.


A relatively easy prediction, yes, but Ars' source lays out how it might go down, with the PS3 80GB model becoming more and more scarce. The constant bundling that Sony is doing at U.S. retail outlets will make sure that decrease in supply comes to fruition, about 2 months from now according to the Mole.

But the Xbox 360 retail offerings will also be changing, for the better value. According to the rumored price drop scenario, the Pro version of the Xbox 360 will phased out in favor of making the Elite the standard. Ars hints that another bundle configuration will hit before the holidays to replace the Elite, but doesn't offer specifics.

Does it all sound possible? Definitely. Will we get that PS3 "Slim" and a slightly modified rebrand? That sounds possible too.

Mole exclusive: PS3, 360 price drops coming this fall [Ars Technica]


OMG! A SeaMonster!!!

Dear _____, A welcome solution to increasing sales is actually drop the price of the games by $10. It seems ridiculous that a title fares for $60 then in 3 - months, sells for $40.

For those that can't add, with DLC, your great title actually sells for $80 to $100 (Fallout 3 is perfect example).

Wanna sell more consoles, make the games cheaper.

PS: make LIVE free (Extremely doubtful, but I had to post that for my Live friends...teehee)