And The StarCraft II LAN Petitioning Commences

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Angered by news that Blizzard has decided to leave LAN multiplayer out of StarCraft II, fans are doing what fans have done in such situations since the dawn of time - signing a letter.

The "LAN in StarCraft 2 Please" petition isn't really all that much of a petition when you get right now to it. It's more of an attempt to reason with Blizzard, with a little bit of unabashed ass-kissery thrown in for good measure.

The new sounds absolutely awesome from the sneak peeks you have given us, and people will most likely be using it exclusively, even if they only play single player. However, there is no harm in allowing LAN play as well, and it does bring further depth and life to what will probably become the top RTS of the next decade.


What kind of petition says "Please"? The kind that gets 5, 861 signees as of this writing. Nearly six thousand people, all politely demanding requesting that LAN be put back into the game, if that's okay with everyone involved. I guess it says something about the StarCraft fan base. Where Diablo fans were ready to set themselves on fire over a brighter color palette, StarCraft strategically weave their arguments together with shameless praise and respect, perhaps trying to sneak their way behind enemy lines to cut off their supplies or something. There has to be some sort of strategy involved here...I'm just not seeing it.

LAN in StarCraft 2 Please. [Petition Online - Thanks Kay!]

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Though I'm sure this petition is an exercise in futility, I think it's sure as heck much better than that Diablo III art petition.