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THQ Boss Says Project Natal Will Be Out In 2010

Illustration for article titled THQ Boss Says Project Natal Will Be Out In 2010

Microsoft have never commented on a release date for Project Natal. Well, not without withdrawing it. But Brian Farrell, boss of publisher THQ, has no such qualms.


Speaking during his company's earnings get-together earlier today, Farrell - presumably speaking with some degree of knowledge on the subject, what with his company making games for the console - said the 360's motion-sensing camera peripheral will be out "late next year." Which is exactly what everybody has been thinking, but hey, it's nice hearing somebody put it on record, even if they're not a Microsoft employee that's able to give us a timeframe we can take to the bank.

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I really don't know what to say to this. I feel no excitement for this device besides peter molyneux's milo. But even milo seems unsettling because if i want to talk to a real person or engage in a conversation i could just post this post on this site and wait for other people who are interested in the same subject reply to me. other than that there is msn and as i look outside my window there is a road that i can take to go see a friend. why is there a virtual friend to interact with when you have online gamer friends to cuss and joke at while playing call of duty or resistance? Developers try so hard to make more interactive means for us to engage in that they sort of miss the point of natural human relationships. what makes them think we will have no means to communicate with other people? and not just developers but robotocists as well. Just one step closer to the dark black hole of the uncanny valley. Not to be pessimistic about this but I don't see that point of this Natal when it seems that it wont be used for the hard core games. comparing this to the wii, there is a big difference. the difference is that the 360 still keeps its controller. so you have a controller and a motion controller. nintendo has all this in one. so with nintendo its motion device suits the needs of both hardcore and casual. the natal will only suit the casual believe you me. Im not siding with any company. again. I am just expressing my point on my opinion for Natal. If you find fault with what I say don't try and be a smart ass comedian like many people on this site but just keep it clean and avoid some sort of argument.

thank you.