Sign Up For The Champions Online Newsletter, Score A Free Pet

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Cryptic wants you to sign up for the Champions Online newsletter so badly that they're passing out a free in-game pet to everyone who adds their email to the mailing list.

Calling it a sign of appreciation for all of the Champions Online fans out there, Cryptic will award all existing newsletter subscribers as well as those who sign up before August 31st with a tiny action figure pet that follows you around, just like in the comic books! Okay, that never happens in comic books, but it's still pretty keen.

A hero saves lives, but a real Champion also has a lucrative merchandising deal with a major toy manufacturer. And when you're that big, you get a fully automated, animated action figure that follows your every step. Better than any scrupulous, food-needing sidekick, the action figure is ever faithful, powered by unquestioning devotion, and prone to fits of spontaneous dance.


To get your pet, simply head over to the Champions Online webpage, sign up, opt-in to the newsletter option, and then wait until the game is released in September. Waiting is the hardest part.

Thanks to Tom for forwarding the email notice!

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wasn't this game supposed to eventually make its way to 360? and if so, will they do a similar promo for those users?