GameStop Goes Casual

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Video game retailer GameStop launched its Casual Digital Store yesterday, celebrating with a 50% sale on select casual PC titles.

The GameStop Casual Digital Store, located at, features the hottest and not-so-hottest casual PC games for purchase, download and play. Powered by RealNetworks, the store features casual and independent titles, from Nancy Drew to Plants Vs. Zombies, with thirty-one titles available for half-off to celebrate the launch of the new service.

"As the leading video game and entertainment software retailer, we continuously look for ways to bring our passion for gaming to the customer visiting us online," said Tony Bartel, executive vice president of merchandising and marketing. "The new Casual Digital Store accomplishes this goal by appealing to an ever-expanding customer demographic looking for value in addition to trusted guidance to ensure they receive the best gaming experience possible."


It sounds a great deal like the casual game download service launched in February, perhaps indicating that while GameStop isn't worried about Amazon's trade-ins, it isn't too keen on being left behind when it comes to digital distribution and the casual market.

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