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DSi Selling Faster Than DS, Faster Than DS Lite, Faster Than Wii

Illustration for article titled DSi Selling Faster Than DS, Faster Than DS Lite, Faster Than Wii

Because it's still "just" a DS, there doesn't seem to be as much buzz over the DSi as there was the last DS handheld revision, the DS Lite. Just because there's no buzz, however, doesn't mean the thing's not selling.


As we've told you the third iteration of the DS has already sold 6.86 million units worldwide. But what's more remarkable than that impressive number is the speed at which consumers have snapped the device up.


According to Nintendo of America's vice president of corporate affairs, Denise Kaigler, the DSi has sold more units in its first three months on sale in the United States (1.7 million) than the original DS (1.38 million) could manage. More than the DS Lite (1.07 million) could manage. Heck, it's more than even the Wii (1.52 million) could manage.

Whether it can sustain that level of growth is doubtful, but hey, we're not talking about the future right now. We're only talking the present. Well, the present and the immediate past.

Nintendo Minute: 08.10.10 [IGN]

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How can people be excited about a crappy camera and the loss of the GBA slot?