Celebrate EverQuest's 10th With A Coffee Table Book

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First announced at CES earlier this year, The 10th Anniversary EverQuest Collector's Edition coffee table book is now available for purchase at Sony Online Entertainment's store, or on my recliner.


More than just an art book, this large, hard-bound special edition tome is filled from cover-to-cover with the history of the EverQuest franchise, from the original release to the coming of EverQuest 2. You'll find developer interviews, box art, concept art, and developer commentary that will have a lapsed player itching to get back into the fray.

Or at least it had this lapsed player itching. SOE delivered a copy of the book to me late last week, and I've had a hard time putting it down. It's been years since I traveled Norrath, but half a decade of my life is contained in those pages, and the reminiscing is fine.

You can purchase the book for $34.99 directly from SOE by clicking the link I cleverly hid in this sentence.



If it has the late Keith Parkinson's artwork, this may be a purchase.

Everquest was my first, I have never loved an MMO that much again even though I tried. /sigh