Be Patient, Castlevania Movie Now In Pre-Pre-Production

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Resident Evil movie director Paul W.S. Anderson was originally on board to write and direct the Castlevania movie project. He's now producing the flick. What's happening with that?

Hollywood got the big screen game rights back in 2005 with Resident Evil helmer Paul W.S. Anderson attached to write and direct. Shooting was slated to start in Eastern Europe back in late 2006, but by the following summer production was still stalled.

Anderson handed off directing duties to Sylvain White (Stomp the Yard). Things continued to stall and filming was supposed to commence in spring 2008. Fast forward to earlier this summer when Saw franchise co-creator and director of Dead Silence and Death Sentence, James Wan, signed on to co-write and helm the flick.


"James is doing a pass on the script to put himself into it with the tricks and the traps, which he is really good at," says Anderson. "One of the things with Castlevania is it's not just about the creatures but the environment trying to get to you as well. I think he is a terrific choice because a key part of Castlevania is the intensity of being trapped within the confines of the castle, and he's shown with Saw that he excels with intensity in confined spaces."

According to Anderson, Wan is merely tweaking the original script and the project is currently in "pre-pre-production".

Paul W.S. Anderson Promises Vampire Whips and Horror Movie Traps In 'Castlevania' [MTV]

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Rachel Fogg

Hey, as long as they don't go with the Sonia Belmont storyline, I think I'll survive..just a little.

Worse case scenario-They'll make a Castlevania movie about a random Belmont created by Super Drucula and he's the twin brother of Alucard.

Worse case scenario-They'll make a Castlevania movie.