Four Reasons Wii Owners May Want to Wait For Band Hero

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With Guitar Hero 5 coming out this September, it might be hard to imagine why someone would want to pick up a copy of family-friendly Band Hero in November.

Here's four reasons why Wii owners may want to wait:

Setlist Manager: Players can use a DS or DSi to connect to the Wii and change the set list while gamers continue to play through the music. While this feature doesn't require a copy of the game for the DS, it does require the DS to go through a connection screen on the Wii.


Stage Manager: DS owners can drop into a jam session and take control of the lightshows, change cameras and set off pyrotechnics. Gamers can also create and edit their own music videos with the DS. Once the video is created it can be shared through WiiConnect on the console.

Roadie Battle Mode: Finally, DS owners up to two players can connect with two Wii guitar players to try and attack and defend each other's guitarists. To play this mode the DS-sporting roadies, run back and forth across the stage on the DS screen. When they're on their side of the stage they can defend their guitarist, when they're on the opponents side they can attack. Attacks include mixing up soundboards, messing up guitars and playing around with pyrotechnics. Successful attacks can reverse notes, speed up songs and cause other issues for the guitar players.

None of those modes require owning the DS version of the game, but players who do own the DS version can download dozens of challenges that can be played on the DS.

Activision says that they don't expect the same audience that would pick up Guitar Hero 5 would buy Band Hero.


The game features a songs more suited for a pop audience, it's much more geared toward women and families, they said. And the inclusion of these mostly free new tools and mini-games seems to bolster that idea.

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