Minis Impressions: Fieldrunners on the PSPGo

I am a Fieldrunners devotee on the iPhone, getting sucked into the tower defense game way more than I like to admit.

I was excited to hear that the title was going to make its way to the PSPgo as part of the Minis program for the portable announced at Gamescom last week.


Sony didn't have many Minis to test out on the show floor, but Fieldrunners was one of them.

The game looks just like the iPhone version, meaning no worse or better. I was a little surprised by that, I sort of expected the already pretty game would have maybe gotten a facelift when it came to the more powerful PSPgo.

Thanks to the PSPgo's inclusion of a thumnbstuck and direction pad, playing the game on the Sony portable is pretty easy. Most of the options, like upgrading, pausing, zooming and shifting between weapons, have been assigned to buttons.

To play the game you use a limited amount of cash to install weapons before the timer runs out. Once you run out of time a wave of enemies approach and you set back and wait to see if your placements take them out. The object is to prevent the waves of enemies from getting to and damaging your base.

I played for about ten minutes and, once I got the swing of the new controller layout, had not trouble keeping up with the increasingly large waves of enemies.

This is going to be a must buy for people who haven't checked out this game yet by the time the PSPgo hits.


Carmack once said that the iPhone is more powerfull than the PSP. Although it seems that the systme get more in the way than it does on psp.