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Inside Dubai's Sega Fun Park

Illustration for article titled Inside Dubais Sega Fun Park

Sega's massive new Middle Eastern fun park opened its doors earlier this month, and already, die-hard Sega fans have popped in, cameras in hand, to see what it's like.


And it's...well, it's less of a fun park, more an over-sized arcade, as aside from a few large rides the focus appears to be squarely on game cabinets and merch. Which is a shame, as for Dubai we were hoping for something pointlessly crass and over the top, but then commercially, it also makes a lot more sense.


These photos were taken by Sega fanboy Hend, with his gallery available for viewing over on Sega's Flickr page. Not available for viewing: pictures with more than five people in the shot.

[Sega Republic @ Flickr]

Illustration for article titled Inside Dubais Sega Fun Park

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Andre Ondre

So Sega shuts down London Trocadero Sega World because it only got 10s of thousands of people each day (similar situation in many other countrys with Sega Arcades except japan)

and then Sega opens Sega World (Sega Fun Park) in a brand new abandoned shopping centre in a desert in Dubai with only 2 people useing it and calls it a success!!!!

Thats how you know sega was paid millions to have a Sega Fun Park in Dubai!!!