Fairytale Fights Heads to PAX

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Well, that "Kill 1,000 Children" Achievement might be gone, but the M-rated gore-fest that is Playlogic's Fairytale Fights will still be in blood red attendance at the Penny Arcade Expo.


The game isn't out 'til October 27 and we're still waiting for word on an official demo — but if you happen to be in Seattle the weekend of September 4 and you're not completely out of luck on the remaining day passes, you can try out the Unreal Engine 3-driven hack'n'slash blitz for yourself.

Based on reactions in the preview comments and the anxiety expressed to me by the developer, I have a feeling that Fairytale Fights will have to prove itself on gameplay alone. No trailer or mix of screen shots so far has been able to convince the die-hard skeptics that this title does deserve a full box game (as opposed to an Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network release). So if you're one of those skeptics, or you just really want to beat the beejesus out of your buddies in friendly-fire co-op mode, stop by Playlogic's booth at PAX.

I'll be there shredding through bunny rabbits and trying to unlock the longest blood slide Achievement. That one's still in the game, I think.



This isn't a downloadable title? Oh my...