Brütal Legend Makes a Brütal Offer

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Oh, Brütal Legend. We thought you were going to be different. You're a rebel. You're rokken. You're not supposed to be ... corporate. So why are you doing this cheesy pay-for-access-to-the-demo thing that other pinhead games started?

Reader Crashbanito, and others signed up on the Brütal Legend email, got word this morning that pre-ordering the game through GameStop gets you early access to the demo. You also get a special in-game guitar which probably does nothing but looks cool.

Sigh. Well, OK, I'm probably still gonna hook myself up with this, but early demo access is now getting kind of abusive. I know it's only $5, and it's technically part of the cost I'm paying for the game. But I'm gonna wait on it out of principle.


The offer's on the front of the Brütal Legend site if you're interested.

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Isn't the point of a demo to try the game BEFORE you buy it?