Xbox 360 Gets Price Drop In Japan

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As expected, Microsoft announced a price drop for Japan. Are you excited yet? No?


So, yeah, the Xbox 360's price tag has been cut for The Land of the Rising Sun. Pricing looks like this:

• Xbox 360 Elite
Previous Price: ¥39,800 (US$429)
New Price: ¥29,800 ($321)

• Xbox 360 Pro
Previous Price: ¥29,800 ($321)
New Price: Open

• Xbox 360 Arcade
Previous Price: ¥19,800 ($213)
New Price: ¥19,800

The open price for the Xbox 360 Pro means that retailers can set the price and is to basically ensure (or hopefully ensure) that said retailers sell through their stock as the console will no longer be produced. The "new price" for the Xbox 360 Arcade isn't a new price — so don't get excited.

Other details mentioned at the event include:

• Microsoft has sold 31.4 million Xbox 360s
• Over twenty million Xbox LIVE members.
• During the first half of this year, downloads were up 30 percent
• 27 million games in the Halo franchise have been sold

Numbers are fun!

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Considering that the current exchange rates are shit, 1 dollar = 92 yen stuff aint that cheap for folks who are living up in Japan, making the already expensive more so.