Sony Drops PSP-3000 Price Tag

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Today at Sony's Japanese, the company announced a price drop for its PSP-3000 — the PlayStation Portable will now cost ¥16,800 (US$185) in The Land of the Rising Sun, starting October 1.


Keep in mind, in the US, the PSP-3000 is $169 in the US, while the PSPgo is $249.

In Japan, the PSP-3000 is currently priced at ¥19,800 (US$219). With the price drop, the monetary difference between the PSP-3000 and PSPgo is around a hundred bucks. Think about it.


Lets play a game called, stop trying to second guess huge companies who employ huge teams of people to come up with marketing strategies because all us lot on the internet know better.

I dont know why they've done this, I dont know how it'll help, but seeing every single commenter try and pretend that their single handedly superior to an entire marketing division every time something like this happens really irritates me...

...rant over.