Inafune Explains the Concept Behind Dead Rising 2

There's little we really know about the story that drives Dead Rising 2. Instead all we know so far amount to little more than pieces of a puzzle.

Today, Capcom's Keiji Inafune gave us another piece of the puzzle, explaining how a game show enters into the multiplayer portion of the game.


During a press conference at Zest Cantina in Tokyo, Inafune explained that Greene is part of a game show that pits people against zombies. What he didn't explain was how or if that concept was also played out in the single player campaign. Fortunately, we got a chance to play a bit of it that same night.


As long as there's no stupid time limits to missions or characters who take an exorbitantly large numbers of uzi rounds to the face, I'll be okay with the game.

But seriously, who'd think having a game show full of zombies would be good TV? I wanna know. The producers of The Running Man?