Return To City Of Heroes For Double The XP

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NCsoft is throwing open the gates of the City of Heroes to returning players next weekend, with double experience on tap for those with a bit of time to kill bad (or good) guys.

Between the Mission Architect and the recent addition of power customization, City of Heroes is a much more interesting place to be than it was at the beginning of the year, and Paragon Studios wants lapsed players to come back and see what they've been missing next weekend. From October 8th through the 11th, all accounts in good standing will be reactivated so players can simply download the client and go to town...or city. On top of that, everyone who plays during those days will earn experience points twice as fast. Just be prepared for that sudden stop when the event comes to a close.

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Right, I played City of Heroes waaay back, before there were cool Villains and such. I remember it being quite painful. I remember desperately needing the respec from Terra Volta, and my husband and I getting into groups that would drop apart three hours in. Like, MULTIPLE TIMES. This was when we quit the game.

Later we had a go at WoW, specifically checking out what the respec system was, and how long/important instances were.

Now! If you could pay a flat fee to -own- a copy of the character creator to dick around with, I would so be sold sixty thousand times over. I found that creating the character was the only fun part - too bad you can't do anything cool with them outside of super-leaping around the city.